Easy Link Checker - Documentation


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The Link check macro is easy to configure. One or multiple pages / spaces can be inserted in the corresponding field.

It is also possible to set links, which shall not be checked. This feature is very useful, for example, for links that need additional information to open the page, like for example, the deepl-link that we use in combination with Easy Translator.

The “Links to include” - field, overrides the “Links to exclude” - field. This is useful, for example, when the inclusion-link is more specific than the exclusion-link.

Example: https://eps-demo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AS2/pages/302841872/Page+Tree+Creator is more specific than https://eps-demo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces.


Users optionally can enable the scanning of email addresses. This option is disabled by default.