Easy Toolkit for Confluence - Documentation

Easy Toolkit for Confluence: https://doc.eps.ch/peckc/latest/documentation

Card Layouts Macro

Documentation: Card Layouts Macro

The Card Layouts Macro allows you to freely customize your confluence page and create visually stunning designs.

Card Layouts

In the view mode of the page, you can configure the macro by clicking the settings icon.

Inside the macro configuration, you can add cards by pressing the + icon and delete them over the trash icon.

Child Count Macro

Documentation: Child Count Macro

Use the Child Count Macro to count the amount of child pages with a certain label. You can use the child pages of any page, not just the one containing the macro.

Be aware that the page that is entered as parent page will not be counted.

The page ID of the parent page is found in the URL of said parent page.

All pages with label “project” under the page “Confluence Projects”:

Children Count

Documentation: Navigation Bar Macro

The Navigation Bar Macro offers a convenient way for users to navigate between essential pages on your instance or external websites.

By configuring the navigation bar in the global settings, users can seamlessly access important content. All they need to do is add the macro to a page, and they're ready to go.

Navigation Bar

Poll Macro

Documentation: Poll Macro

The Poll Macro allows users to easily create polls directly on a page.

Configure Poll

Insert the macro on a page and you'll be presented with the configure poll tab. Optionally, you have the ability to restrict the poll to specific users by setting permitted groups. Without specification, every user will have the ability to vote.


Place Vote

After the poll has been created, you and all other users will be presented with the voting tab. Each user has one vote which can not be changed after submitting. Once you have selected your vote use the Place Vote button.



View the Results

Once you have submitted your vote or are not permitted to participate, you will be redirected to the results tab.