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Buttons to just try out and have fun with

The Classics

The standard placeholder with various option such as “required to be replaced”.

The template-page:

You can configure the placeholders with the PTC Placeholder Configuration Macro.

The various placeholder-types are:

  • Standard

  • Date

  • Link

  • Multiline

  • Dropdown (single choice as well as multiple choices)

  • Regex

  • User

The template-page:

Where you have to do even less

With this button, all placeholders will be replaced automatically. Just click it and enjoy.

The template-page:

These placeholders evolve into placeholders

The template-page:

Or create some dropdown menus with a special guest: Easy Dropdown Menu

The template-page:

Ignore Placeholders

We also have a macro to help with links, explanations and other content, that includes accidental placeholders, which you don’t want to have replaced.

Placeholders outside the macro, however, will be replaced: $$placeholder$$

This is thanks to the PTC Ignore Placeholder macro.



Explore our extended features

The Page Tree Creator Pro features enhancing possibilities,

which you can explore here:


To copy this page

As you can see, below this button is a lot of content. However, if you copy this page, it won’t exist in the new page.

Create a new project with Page Tree Creator,

with the Multi-Button, featured in Page Tree Creator Pro

with the normal “Create Page Button”

Create a new project in a new space

Or copy an entire space